The writing assignment will consist of a 1 page typed report where you will apply your knowledge to explain the application of a gravitation, fluid, periodic motion, waves, sound concept(s) for a device, object, process or phenomena of your choosing. For this assignment, you will need to first explain/describe the application of physics you chose (object, process, phenomena, etc), identify which physics concepts are related, and explain how it works using the physics concepts you learned in class. For example, you can explain the physics behind space travel, the physics behind musical instrument, how humans are able to sing different pitches, what happened to the Tacoma Narrows bridge, why railroad tracks are sectioned and not one continuous track, why perpetual motion machines are not possible, the physics involving engines, how an AC unit or refrigerator works, etc.
Writing prompt: Explain the application of a physics concept(s) for a device, object, process or phenomena
Must be typed: font size 12, 1.5 line spacing, margins 1 inch.
Citation: use at least 1 citation (you may use your textbook) in AIP style: See website:


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