Go to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Website: http://www.eeoc.gov and answer the questions.

1. How are the members of the EEOC committee chosen?

2. What are the duties of the EEOC chairperson?

3. Video — Look under the Commission Meetings tab and view at least the first 9 minutes of the most recent meeting. What is the commission discussing?

4. How much has the enacted (actual) budget of the EEOC changed since1980? (Note: the chart says the numbers are in millions – this means you add three 000s to these monetary numbers in the chart.)

5. How many employees (staffing) were approved in the most current budget?

6. How many discrimination charges were filed with the EEOC in the most recent year reported? What do you find interesting about the chart that displays the charges in each of the categories of discrimination?

7. In general, how many days does a person have after an event to file a complaint with the EEOC?

8. Reflection: What are three things that surprised you or that you found interesting in this assignment?

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