The Health Workforce
This discussion highlights on the health workforce as central to the health care system, and any
changes in its deployment and utilization will have significant effects on health care quality and
costs. The ACA and rising concerns about the efficiency of health care delivery are bringing
renewed attention to on the current makeup of the health care workforce, the challenges posed by
shortages in certain professions, and how these shortages are being addressed.
Grading Rubric for Healthcare Workforce
Most healthcare in the United States is delivered in traditional setting such as hospitals,
physician organizations, and long-term care organizations. As access is becoming more readily
available, the demand for care is increasing as physician shortages is also increasing.

1) With the increase in number of nonphysician providers, discuss how it may affect cost, quality and
access to care in the U.S. healthcare system.

2) Discuss on the possibility of changes to scope of practice regulations for Advanced Practice RNs and how it could help to abate health worker shortages.

3) Why is primary care so important?

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