This assignment requires you to perform sufficient research in order to form an historical interpretation. Your response should take the form of an argument. Do not make a quick judgment when evaluating the question. Your research will lead you to your interpretation. After thoroughly researching the question, you should form a thesis statement. The thesis statement expresses your interpretation of the topic and must be in the opening paragraph of your paper.

The paper should have a consistent line of reasoning. This means that the focus of your paper is to use evidence that leads to a logical conclusion. Use at least THREE pieces of evidence to support this thesis. Do not drift off topic. Stay focused on showing how your evidence supports your thesis.

The assignment is a short essay (one page min.), therefore you must be concise. Respond directly to the question and use your best evidence to support the thesis.

Did Gerald Ford “do the right thing” when he pardoned Richard Nixon?

Your paper should follow these basic guidelines:

  • At least ONE FULL PAGE
  • Typed, double-spaced
  • 1” margins on all sides
  • 12 pt., Times New Roman font
  • At least THREE pieces of evidence
  • At least TWO sources
  • parenthetical references
  • Works cited page
  • Submit to turnitin.

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