FINAL DRAFT : (5page)

In the article “Colleges Should Adopt Trigger Warnings,” Brianne Richson argues, “…our obligation to prevent a trauma survivor’s class time becoming a living hell outweighs concerns about a stunted learning environment” (98). In rebuttal, Jon Overton in Beware the Trigger Warning” states, “…we can’t know what’s going to initiate a panic attack, and trying to prevent any and all of them endangers academic discourse” (99). It is recommended that all articles be read to understand the different aspects of this issue and how these authors approach their argument. At least three articles need to be used in the essay (Richson and Overton are required sources).

The main question is the following: Should colleges implement trigger warnings?

Secondary questions to contemplate are the following:  What are trigger warnings?  How has the recent climate of student sensitivity described in the articles helped or hindered academic discourse?

Articles (all articles can be found through your preferred search engine)

Richson, Brianne. “Colleges Should Adopt Trigger Warnings.” Atwan, pp. 97-98. Atwan, Robert, editor. American Now. Bedford, 2015. (You were given this article with the Overton article and both must be used in your essay)

Overton, Jon. “Beware the Trigger Warning.” Atwan, pp. 98-99.

Press, Eyal. “Meanwhile, back on most campuses: the focus on extreme political correctness at Oberlin and other elite colleges risks obscuring what less privileged undergraduates are dealing with.” The American Prospect 27.3 (2016): 9+. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 30 Aug. 2016.

West, Lindy. “Trigger Warnings Don’t Hinder Freedom of Expression: They Expand Them.” The Guardian. 18 Aug. 2015.

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