. Details of Media Assignment
Psychology in the media
You will be required to write a research paper in APA format, it should be double
spaced, minimum 5 pages (Not counting the TITLE page and REFERENCE page). You
don’t have to have an Abstract. SKIP the abstract and after the title page go to the body
of your work and follow the steps outlined.
The purpose of the assignment is for you to gain a broader understanding of how
psychology is applied to everyday situations. Therefore, you will need to be a kind of
“mini-expert” on the topics about which you are writing.
STEP 1: Choose a psychological disorder.
STEP 2: Research the disorder and tell me what is it? What are the symptoms and
characteristics of the disorder? What can be done to prevent the disorder? What are the
treatment methods for the disorder?
STEP 3: ALL of the above MUST be in APA format. Purdue University OWL is my
favorite site to copy formatting and learn about APA Style:
Walden University also has Excellent guidelines on how to write in APA style
STEP 4: Choose a movie (Can be a documentary or a fiction), book, a biography of
someone famous (must be someone known to the public (Angelina Jolie, Socrates,
Hilary Clinton etc.). Writing about your uncle or niece will not suffice.
STEP 5: Your movie. Book, documentary character must have the disorder you will be
writing about. In this section you will show if your character has the disorder and how is
it displayed?
Write specific examples of how the disorder or the exceptional abilities are displayed
according to various scenes. Show using specific scenes from the movie, book or
documentary, how his/her behavior conforms to the disorder discussed? So I know you
understand the subject you are writing about. DO NOT tell me the whole movie, ONLY
talk about the relevant scenes where the disorder of the character is “Shown” and
expressed in his/her behavior.
STEP 6: In few words tell me how your perception and understanding have changed
about that particular disorder and how did that character influence YOU as a person?
(Such as made you more open minded and understanding, or fueled your curiosity to
study it more etc.).
How did your character influence or change social understanding and perception of the
disorder presented?

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