Task Description:

Analyzing media audience is a vital part not only for production but for distribution as well. Discuss the role of New Media and Advertising Media in film distribution in the Egyptian market. Focusing on the strategies of reaching the youth segment of the Egyptian film market.

Guideline related to this task:

  • To discuss all parts of the essay issues.
  • The essay should show that students have researched the topic and have used predominantly academic sources.
  • The essay should be analytical and not just descriptive.
  • Students expected to obtain materials from the online research sites.
  • Students should ensure that their work meets the required standards for their degree year by checking the Marking Criteria and Grading Guidelines available below.
  • Students are urged to begin their essay and to organise their time to submit it within due time.

The Analytical Essay will assess student’s ability to research the literature on their chosen topic. form a thesis, analyse the available material and then present a coherent argument in the form of a well written academic essay.

Instructions and Guidelines:

Word Limits / Project Length:

  • 2500 words see word limit policy below.
  • You must observe the word limit of the paper. If you exceed the word limit by more than fifteen percent, the penalty will be reducing the mark to 40/100 as a maximum mark to be awarded for this assessment.
  • Number of words must be stated on the submission forms.

Layout and Format:

  • Your paper needs to be double-spaced.
  • Use font Arial size 12.
  • Page numbers centred on the bottom of each page in the format – Page 1 of -.
  • Have a cover page (include: Your Name, ID, Date, and title of your paper).
  • Use the essay format (i.e. presentation of ideas in bullet points is unacceptable).
  • Papers must be typed; handwritten papers will not be accepted.


  • Students are expected to discuss secondary sources pertaining to the topic (i.e. academic articles and books) as well as to consult and refer to primary sources.
  • Wikipedia and non-academic websites are not acceptable sources.
  • Student should also make sure that relevant information in the lecture notes, the textbook and the literature indicated in the syllabus are given due consideration.


You must specify the sources you use in your essay; otherwise, you might be charged with plagiarism, and you will be heavily penalized.

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