Reflect on the racist acts toward our African American brothers and sisters and how it has impacted your understanding of race—and allyship. What might you recommend in terms of public policy? Education is being noted as one plausible “answer.” How do we collectively ensure education in the United States is equitable for all? What is the role of education in dismantling racism?

using evidence and citing that evidence. The goal here is to provide a reflection of this moment in history that is intertwined with the legacy of inequity and injustice. And in this moment, reflect on the possibility for change.
Introduction—what is the policy problem/topic you are analyzing?
•Background—what is the background of your policy related topic? What is the historical context or evolution of the topic?
•Relevant Literature & Research—what research has been conducted on your topic? What have studies found?Analysis of this literature
•Discussion—The policy and its impact on Latino students
•Recommendations (OPTIONAL)
•Conclusion–Areas for further consideration? Areas for further research?

•Have a clear thesis (and focus throughout the paper)
•Avoid passive voice
•Be sure to cite research you use (data, etc.)
•Use APA style (Author, year)
•Use more than news articles—use research!

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