Write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) paper supported with evidence from your own experience and from 2-3 online articles. Follow the below pre-writing steps before writing your essay.
Write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) research paper about the food culture. Structure your paper using the below guideline:
INTRODUCTION (1 paragraph): Include a thesis statement where you define your food culture and explain what makes it important to American culture. Include a picture of the food you ate!
BODY (3 paragraphs): Write one paragraph describing the food culture (the actual food products as well as the beliefs and practices surrounding their consumption); one paragraph explaining the history of the food culture; and one paragraph explaining its impact on broader American culture.
CONCLUSION (1 paragraph): Restate your thesis. Explain why thinking about food cultures helps us understand and value diversity.
Edit your paper for clarity, concision, and formatting before submitting it below.

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