1. Post World War I Europe (3 parts – be sure to complete all three parts)

Select any 3 documents from:

that describe important issues of the Inter-war Period.

Provide a brief (1-2 paragraph summary) of each. Be sure to clearly identify your sources.


2. The Depression

Read ARTICLEGreat DepressionHTClavin.pdf ( Uploaded on Files )

Look at Brad Delong’s (economist at UC Berkeley) web site for John Maynard Keynes:


(Archive of http://www.j-bradford-delong.net/Economists/keynes.html)
(Especially interesting is his work on the Economic Consequences of the Peace)

Look at the Digital History Reader module on the Great Depression in Europe

Write a brief evaluation of the Digital History Reader as a resource. (2-3 paragraphs)


3. Select one (1) of the following four topics:

**Treaty of Versailles**

**Locarno Treaties**

**Weimar Republic**

**Hitler’s Germany in the 1930s**

Identify briefly the major issues (1-2 paragraphs) and find at least 3 internet sites with information on that topic. For example: For the Treaty of Versailles you may wish to locate the full text of the treaty etc. Provide URLs. Describe your three sites and reasons for selecting them. You may also want to look at the Modern History Source Book.

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