This paper is an examination of culture on health disparities, health-related practices, healthcare outcomes, and transcultural theories.
This paper will follow APA format, 6-8 pages excluding figures, tables, and reference pages.

Describe and assess your personal culture of origin and analyze your cultural habits and its effect on health generally for your people.
What are the traditional beliefs and values that are beneficial and not beneficial to generations influenced under the culture; particularly describe the aspects of health care practice and systems related to this culture
Examine health care disparities in this culture in a chosen topic and population
Select one of the following theories/models of transcultural care: ( Watson’s Caring Model )
Discuss the concepts and sub-concepts of the theory with clarity and simplicity.
Describe the generality of the theory and how it is applied broadly across the culture. Give examples that support your view.
Discuss the impact and continuing influence or predictability of the theory for further development.
Describe your expected healthcare outcome for the problem and population that you selected. Link how the theory could be effective to help with the problem.
You need to cite at least five references. You cannot use Wikipedia.
You must follow the APA 7th Edition

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