What is the best way to teach science, is a topic that has been heavily debated for years and the answer is still not crystal clear. However there are a number of strategies that have been shown to be effective. Your goal is to research the topic and provide your analysis of what you think is the best way to teach science. based on your research.

Assignment Instructions:

Research what are the best ways to teach science from both a theoretical and practical standpoint and write a 3-4 page paper (double spaced, 12pt font) outlining the results of your research. Please make sure that your research paper includes several sources and that you discuss at least three (3) different strategies / methods. Please use APA style format, exclude title page.

For each strategy that you discuss you should include the following:

a. What is the strategy / method?

b. What is the theory behind the strategy / method?

c. How is the strategy utilized in the classroom?

In your concluding paragraph please discuss how these strategies relate to what you already do in the classroom and/or how learning about these strategies will alter your teaching practices.

Use one theoretical strategy/ method and two practical strategies/ methods including credible sources.

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