People need income in order to consume, and consumption leads to production, and production leads to higher demand for labor (employment), so unemployment is a crucial macroeconomic issue that confronts all modern economies. A lower unemployment rate, however, is not the end of the problem. The type of employment and the price of labor (wages) have to be sufficient for consumption (which is the major component of GDP) for the economy to be healthy. If wages are low or if the prices in the economy are high, consumption would be low and thus, production and demand for labor would be low as well. So high unemployment rate, high part-time employment rate for economic reasons, and low wages could have negative effects on economic growth.

Assignment Description In this assignment, you need to analyze unemployment-related issues. You need to analyze only one issue (topic).

You are going to study the past trends, provide an overview of the current status, and provide solutions to overcome any problems related to the issue you are studying. You will use data, articles, and government reports to draw a clear picture of the current unemployment issues.

Some unemployment-related topics that you could choose from (choose only one topic) include the following.

Part-time employment rates for economic reasons

Unemployment rates among young college graduates

Unemployment rates by gender

Unemployment rates among Black and Hispanic communities

Low supply of labor (professionals) in certain industries

High supply of labor in education

Low wages by profession and their causes

Low demand for labor in some industry (you could choose whatever industry you wish)

Low wages in some parts of the country

High unemployment rate among workers with high school diploma or less

Your research needs to be structured with consistent and clear thoughts. It also needs to be supported by facts and data. Your results need to be based on solid facts. Your conclusion and recommended solution need to be thorough and based on your findings and understanding of unemployment and GDP. Writing Style and Page Number Requirements Font Type: Times New Roman or Arial Font Size: 12 Spacing: Double Number of Pages: Six to seven pages, along with a separate Title page and a separate References page.


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