This is your task:

After you have completed the Exploration of Environments for Infants and Toddlers, reflect on what messages the environment sends to the infants and toddlers who spent time there, the family members who come in and out of there consistently, and the staff working in the environment.
Write a paper two to three pages long (the depth of the content is much more important than the length of the paper) describing what you learned about infant/toddler environments through this Exploration. Write the paper in the first person. (I…)
Include specific examples from the content of the Exploration to illustrate your thinking. Use at least 5 examples to earn the maximum number of points in this category.
Include responses to the following guiding questions in your reflection. Do not list the questions and then write an answer to it. Use the questions to guide you in your reflection and answer them in the body of your reflection.
What did you learn about high quality indoor and outdoor environments for infants and toddlers? Be specific.
What messages can an infant/toddler environment send to the infants and toddlers who spend time there? What do you think is the most important message for infants and toddlers?
What messages can an infant/toddler environment send to the family members who come in and out on a regular basis? Is there a message that you think is particularly important for families of infants and toddlers?
Can an environment send a message to the people who work in the environment? Why or why not?
Check your document for correct grammar, spelling, and formatting. Please double space using 12 point type and 1-inch margins.
Compare your completed document to the rubric that will be used to grade it. Be sure you have included everything necessary for maximum points. (45 points)

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