Answer the following questions. Your answers to each question should not exceed 500
1. Do performance management systems (PMS) usually measure the right key
performance areas (KRA)? How can PMS in an organization encourage performance
that is more consistent with long range rather than short term issues? Discuss and give
examples to justify your argument (20 Marks)
2. Why should compensation systems be equitable? Critically analyze the approaches
companies use to design an equitable compensation system. Give two examples
wherein appropriate. (20 Marks)
3. Critically examine how workforce aging impacts an organization’s competitive
position. Give two examples to justify your argument. (30 Marks)
4. Critically analyze how each of the Hofstede’s cultural dimensions might result in
specific kinds of Human resource programs and practices. Give one example from each
cultural dimension to support your argument. (30 Marks)

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