This is the essay portion of the exam. It will be worth 25 points.Write a 1 ½ to 2-page essay, ABSOLUTELY NO LESS THAN 1 ½ PAGES AND NO MORE THAN 2 PAGES. You will choose one of the following questions.Questions: This will be similar to your writing assignments, but it will be very detailed.

Essay Portion Option #1:Explain in detail how violence was fundamental to the establishment of the American colonies. Focus on clashes with Native Americans, the violence associated with slavery, and any other violent tensions you may want to bring up. (Keep in mind this question is about the Atlantic Coast and what became the American colonies, so please do not include Columbus and the Spanish.) Essay

Portion Option #2: Explain the different styles of colonization of the French, English, and Spanish. You should tell me about the different motives, their interactions with the natives, the types of people who came, the role of religion, gender, and slavery, the economic systems and goals of each country.

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