Gender In Sports Unit Discussion
Minimum word count for assignment: 900 words
1.The treatment of girls and women in sport is shaped by the idea that they are “less than” as athletes and as leaders, and thus the disparity in opportunity and social rewards is justified. Across the readings from this unit, you read and saw all the ways that girls and women are affected by the “less than” logic, such as: a) being sexualized, b) being paid less because being sexualized detracts from their perceived athleticism or leadership capacity, or c) being criticized, excluded, or fired for being too feminine or not feminine enough.
The Shaw and Frisby (2006) reading presented three frames of gender equity that have produced little long-term success in improving women’s opportunity and treatment in sport. The premise of the frames presented is the “othering” of girls and women in sport contexts, which requires that they must be granted support to assimilate into how existing structures are organized (power). Frame one holds that a woman can be prepared to fit in if she more resembles leadership stereotypes in sports (white male); frame two holds that women’s femininity should be appreciated, as though there is one category of femininity and that traits strictly align within it; and frame three proposes that simply opening up spaces for girls and women to enter sport will rectify gender inequity.
Organize your paper by these prompts:
1. Explain how orthodox conceptions of masculinity and femininity produce and reproduce the idea that girls and women are “less than” as athletes and as leaders in sport.

2. Based on what you read in Shaw and Frisby (2006) on the first three frames of gender equity (fix the women, value the feminine, and create equal opportunity), explain why those strategies for gender equity haven’t been successful in improving the treatment of girls and women in sport. [Consider using the lens presented in the fourth frame (post structural feminism) – disrupt the discourse – to support your position on the constraints of a liberal feminist lens.]
3. Title IX was legislation that falls within a “create equal opportunity” frame in sport for girls as participants in federally funded educational programs, but doesn’t apply to any other space. Design an extension of Title IX as it should govern some other domain in sport for women, such as media coverage, leadership in college sports, professional opportunities,… you choose.
Your Title IX extension should include:
¥ A legislative statement (like that of Title IX: “No person in the United States shall,
on the basis of sex,…”) that EXACTLY and SPECIFICALLY identifies what “space” in sport your extension will apply (media coverage, leadership in college sports, professional opportunities,…)
¥ A minimum of three prongs that must be met as indicators that your legislative statement is being implemented in line with your vision

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