Part 1 IN YOUR OWN WORDS – Select ONE of the major social institutions covered (Family, Education, Religion, Politics/Law, Economy, or Health). Discuss any TWO theoretical perspectives (Symbolic Interactionism, Rational Choice, Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory, or Feminism) and what they would examine in regards to that institution. Provide a detailed paragraph or two with your answer.

Part 2 Answer one question of your choice in a thoughtful paragraph.

1. List and briefly discuss the three ways in which the state attempts to control the behavior of individuals.

2. Compare and contrast authoritarian and democratic political systems. Provide examples.

3. Compare and contrast planned and market economic systems. Provide examples.

4. What are revolutions and when are they likely to take place?

5. Discuss the functionalist and conflict theory explanations of the social factors that can lead to war.

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