The Policy Memorandum assignment serves multiple purposes. It contributes to the core writing skills development requirement. The assignment also expands public policy knowledge and awareness of decision-making processes that leaders inside government are challenged with resolving.

First, select a SPECIFIC public policy topic. And then decide whether that public policy is “presidential” (in national scope, jurisdiction, and importance). If not, then the memorandum might be more suitable for the governor of New Jersey. This is a judgement call for you (the writer) to make—does the policy have national or global implications? Or does the policy have statewide implications? Or does the policy have both state and national implications? ( if so, you can write the memorandum for the governor or the president).

The assignment is to write a policy memorandum to Governor Murphy OR President Trump (but NOT both). The general topic is COVID 19. Your memo should address your concerns about the impact of COVID 19 (public health, economy, etc).

This is a five page, double spaced memo. Sentence structure, grammar, and significant spelling nicks will count against the grade on this assignment.

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