Project Requirements:

*Choose a topic and life-span stage along with some areas in which to study this time in life .

*Your project must be written in APA style with at least 10 references.  Make sure these references are reputable (preferring mainly academic journals) versus generic Wikipedia pages or websites.  Many students feel that ‘Googling’ stuff is research.  It is not.  Points will be deducted if these generic references are used instead of academic ones. To be on the safe side, use 10 academic journals you find from our campus library.

*The overall project should be no less than 1500 words (12 point font, double spaced, and 1 inch margins).  This word count DOES NOT include the title or reference pages.  You are to count only the body of your paper when evaluating word count.

*The project should include the following sections: introduction of topic; how research weighs in on your particular topic and/or what experts in the field are suggesting/theorizing; overall conclusion.  Remember this is a research paper.  There should be no personal information in it.

Write a research paper that covers 3 topics relating to eating disorders among adolescents. For example, how this can effect them socially, emotionally, and outcomes for recovery.

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