Completing this Assessment will help you to meet the following:

Course Outcome:

  • Apply learned writing strategies to produce a career-focused essay communicating a message appropriate to an intended career audience.

The ability to express yourself through writing and incorporate into your writing information from outside sources are essential skills that today’s workplace expects of employees, regardless of field.   For example, a human resources professional may be asked to research the effect of casual dress on employee morale and then summarize this research in a report.  Another example of incorporating information from outside sources into writing occurs in the paralegal field.  Paralegals are frequently required to perform research on previous cases and laws and incorporate the findings in legal briefs.  In this assignment, you will build upon concepts learned from prior weeks and assignments to write an essay.  You will develop a five-paragraph essay through the following steps:

  1. Prewrite to generate ideas for the essay.
  2. Develop an outline to organize your ideas.
  3. Write a rough draft of the essay.
  4. Revise and edit your draft to develop a final copy of the essay.

Below is a list of topics to choose from. Your essay must either be one of the topics below or must be approved by your instructor:

  1. Define a process or procedure in your future field, or argue for a way that procedure needs to change
  2. Define a workplace skill, or argue why a specific skill is critical for success
  3. Describe the demand for the field of your major or argue why this specific career should be sought
  4. Define professionalism or argue why it is essential for success

Multi-Unit Assignment: Informative/Persuasive Essay

For this assignment, you will compose a five-paragraph essay.Specifically expressed, your essay should:

  1. Answer your essential question.
  2. Incorporate information from your previously identified source to help you answer the essential question.
  3. Use one of two writing styles: informative or persuasive.
  4. Be organized into topical body paragraphs with a separate introduction and conclusion.


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