Required Post 1: Regarding digital activism:

Watch the video in the link below (runtime 2 min 26 sec) and read the article (it should take you only one to three minutes to read).

In this post, describe two concepts or conclusions that stood out you and briefly explain why. (2 sentences or so)
Required Post 2: Regarding social tagging and hashtag use:

In this post, speculate as to how social tagging (i.e. the use of hashtags on social media) enables the expression of multivocality (i.e. multiple perspectives and voices) among social movement members. In your answer, discuss what the ability to engage in social tagging does for outsiders’ understanding of a movement’s messaging and identity.
To help formulate your answer see the readings entitled “Discourse of Social Tagging” and “#Ferguson: Digital protest, hashtag ethnography, and the racial politics of social media in the United States” .


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