Watch the video Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye that reviews the science of climate change and what we can do about the issue. Answer the following questions in a post of at least 150 words:

What is climate change and what scientific evidence is available to show it is happening?
How have human culture and human action contributed to the rapid climate change we are witnessing today?
What are some things we can do as citizens and consumers to reduce the impacts of climate change?
Post Requirements:

Your answer must be written in one short, clear and coherent paragraph (at least 150 original words), i.e. it DOES NOT include the questions, names, titles and/or references. It also DOES NOT include meaningless filler statements.
Respond to at least two (2) classmates with substantive commentary that addresses their post.
Work must be original, so produce your own work! Your post may be checked for plagiarism.
Write clearly for ease of reading and understanding.
Make sure to pay attention to spelling and grammar.
The instructor reserves the right to submit work in Safe Assign. Safe Assign reports with a similarity index of 10% or higher after quoted material and citations are excluded, will receive a grade of F (0 points).

video link

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