Watch Spinning Boris (2003) and use scholarly and other sources to answer the
following questions.
1. In the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union, what electoral
challenges was Russia facing?
2.What were the foreign policy implications of the post-Soviet Russian election?
3.Coming from the US, its 2-party system, and Constitutional stability, why do the American campaign strategists have such a difficult time helping the Yeltsin campaign?
4.What is motivating voters in Russia during this time?
5.Why is the Russian campaign and election so chaotic?
6.Last, what works in the election? Why? Think about Duverger’s Law, the two-party
dynamic that the campaigners are used to in the US, and what does/does not work in trying to replicate political strategies from the American system into the Russian one in this early post-Soviet-era.


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