Writing Assignment 2 consists of answering Critical Thinking Questions. Each writing assignment is worth 7.5% of you overall grade in ADJ 107 (Survey of Criminology). Please answer each of the assigned questions in 3-6 paragraphs (4-6 sentences per paragraph) using proper A.P.A. writing techniques. Each writing assignment is scored out of 50 points. Outside scholarly sources and the textbook will be needed to answer the questions. Please use Times New Roman 12 font and double space the document.

1. In your opinion, do you believe all criminals use techniques of neutralization to reduce responsibility of their actions?

2. What are some effects of labeling within American society? How does society control stigmatization?

3. Which comes first, bad parents or bad children? Does poor parenting cause delinquency or do delinquents undermine their parents’ supervisory abilities.

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