Each response should be at least three paragraphs in length and must demonstrate your
mastery of the key terms and concepts discussed in the text.

Please use complete paragraphs (three sentences and no bullet points).

Also, please use direct quotes from the textbook
sparingly and cite everything in APA format.

1. Explain the various reasons a program evaluation might be conducted. Who typically conducts

Provide two real world examples in your response.

2. Summarize the general ethical guidelines and common ethical dilemmas and questions regarding program evaluation, as outlined in the textbook.

Provide at two real world examples in
your response.

3. Explain the various reasons a needs assessment might be conducted.

Provide two real world examples in your response.

4. Identify each of the eight steps in the needs assessment process. Select a federal, state, or local
program (whether real or hypothetical) to illustrate how the process might be implemented in

5.Compare, contrast, and briefly discuss the pros and cons of: a) quantitative, qualitative, and
mixed methods research; and b) primary and secondary data.


Program Evaluation an introduction to evidence-based Approach by David Royse , Bruce A. Thyer, Deborah K. Padgett

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