Students will choose a Managed Care Topic. Students can choose any topic from the book.
Below are some Examples:
Pros and Cons of Managed Care In America
Challenges in Managing Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
Challenges in Managing Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
Legal Issues Associated with Managed Care Contracting.
Challenges in Utilization and Case Management in Managed Care.
Approaches to Disease Management in Managed Care.
Managing Quality Improvement in Managed Care.
Preventing Fraud and Abuse in Managed Care.
Complying with State and Federal Regulation of Managed Care.
Problems in Medicare Managed Care
Problems in Medicaid Managed Care
Effective Information Systems in Managed Care
Students will submit their Managed Care Project in APA format and include the following.
The project will be at least 5 pages not including cover sheet and citation page. Spelling and
Grammar Counts.
Introduction: Students will submit a one paragraph introduction of the topic they
will be discussing.
Body of the Paper will include the following.
Explain your topic in detail.
Define the Challenges and Problems with your topic.
What are recommended solutions to the challenges and problems?
Are there any implementation to solve the challenges and problems?
What is your opinion on the topic and what would you do if you were in
charge to fix the problem.
4. Work Cited in APA format. Students will have at least two reference.


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