Topic;How to create a survey to study volunteerism and/or the health benefits of volunteerism

[Research how to design a scientifically valid questionnaire for use in psychology OR health research.]

Presentation Instructions: 

  1. Create a persuasive presentation that will educate your audience about specific aspects of your chosen topic.  The biggest mistake you can make is to be too general—you must present specific definitions and specific information about your topic.
    1. The presentation should be AT LEAST 10 slides long (NOT including Title and Reference slides).
    2. Since this is an online class, and you will not be presenting in person, your slides must be accurate and complete enough to tell the full and complete story of your topic.  Your audience should clearly understand your topic and should LEARN from it.
    3. The examplesthat you provide for your topic should be of actual, peer-reviewed studies that are strong exemplars of your research method. Again…just describing the method is not enough; you must provide examples of real-life examples.

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