– The assignment topic will be: HOW THE CURRENT COVID-19 PANDEMIC AFFECTS NEWS REPORTING? It is compulsory to introduce (at least) the following subtopics or approaches with regards to the major topic: 1) News Providers; 2) Access to Sources and Interviews; 3) Attribution and Quotes; 4) Broadcast Reporting; 5) Ethics and Code of Conduct; and 6) Health Journalism.
– The essay will have a 2000 words length (bibliography, which is compulsory, excluded).
– Your essay must prove your complete command of the course literature (the one uploaded in Aula Global or recommended, and not only Potter´s main textbook(Handbook of Independent Journalism). This will NOT be an opinion assignment but an academic one. Therefore, references on the main scholars’ approaches to the different issues will be needed. Since no more than 2000 words will be accepted you should care about every written sentence. The professor will NOT matter about your topic opinion, but about your command and analysis on the literature, facts and data about the given issue. Therefore, quotations and their corresponding bibliography are needed.
– Your (individual and NOT synchronic) essay should be uploaded to Aula Global in Word format. No exceptions will be done with late submissions. More than 20% coincidences through the anti-plagiarism software Turnitin will involve failing the whole subject (Turnitin will detect online plagiarism but coincidences between students, as well).

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