General Instructions:
The mid-term paper is a group assignment – up to 3 students per group.
The paper should be written in academic standards. Choose one reference
style (APA, Chicago, etc.) and stay consistent throughout the paper. Use
Ariel font, 12 pts size, 1.5 lines spacing, 3 pages long.
The assignment contains three questions. All questions must be answered.
All questions refer to the three dimensions of power as defined by Steven
Lukes. We addressed the topic in the introduction lesson, so you are
welcome to watch again the zoom, and also use chapter 1 from Lukes’ book
(it is accessible via the moodle):
Lukes Steven, 2005, Power: A Radical View, 2nd edition, Palgrave
Macmillan, Ch. 1, pp. 14-59
The main purpose of this assignment is to have your group discuss and
debate the three presented cases. There are multiple ways to analyze the
cases, so pay attention to your arguments and justifications.
Question No. 1 (40%)
“In the ongoing fight against the coronavirus, Israel has approved the
electronic tracking of patients using a digital technology that, until now, was
used only for counterterrorism” (CNN Business, March 18, 2020).

(See attachment:
What dimension of power does the current case study address, who
exercises power on whom, and why? Please address the issue of conflict in
your answer and explain it.

Question No. 2 (40%)
Recently, ISIS announced on the social networks that the Coronavirus is “A
soldier in the army of Allah”, calling young people from the west to join them
in the name of Jihad against the west. In order to justify the call, they used
the Qur’an and Hadith (the deeds and words of the Prophet Muhammad)

See for example:
What dimension power does the current case study represents, and why?
Please describe this modus-operandi utilized by ISIS, and refer to other
entities who could use the same method?
Question No. 3 (20%)
In his TED talk Professor Christakis describes 3 reasons based on human
behavior, why we tend to cluster. See:

Please describe these 3 reasons while using examples from different areas.
Likewise, present one positive and one negative examples of how Homophily
effects the creation of social networks. (20%)

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