Remember: This is a publication and must be based on your readings, research and opinion on how you will develop a framework for the delivery of an MTM in a specialty pharmacy.

• A brief overview of MTM and specialty pharmacy and how an MTM service can be developed in a specialty pharmacy

• What programs will you deploy that will aid in the delivery of MTM’s in specialty pharmacy?

• Two programs of interest which you will have to elaborate on and how they will be deployed:
1. Pharmacotherapy consults: how will this be done? Include this in your design on how to deliver MTM in a specialty pharmacy
2. Pharmacogenomics applications: which is an emergency MTM service for the interpretation and application of a patient’s genetic information to optimize a patient’s response to medication therapy. How will the use of biomarkers and pharmacogenomics determine precisely which treatment regimen is best suited for the patient, resulting in better outcomes—include this in your design on how to deliver MTM in a specialty pharmacy

• Very important: Build a specific scope and a unique method of delivery of MTM (medication therapy management) service in specialty pharmacies (very unique delivery method which differs from regular pharmacies) Develop your own framework on how you will deliver an MTM in a specialty pharmacy (Use a step-wise approach and do not copy any framework, develop your own based on your in-depth knowledge on MTM’s. HINT: This can be done through health information technology or you can create or design an app which can be used to deliver MTM. How will the app be called? What software will be used? Target populations and how this will help in managing polypharmacy? Delivery methods via app ? (Include a graphic design of how MTM will be delivered in a specialty pharmacy)

• What patient management tool / outcomes capture software would be utilized or developed, which could very easily align with the delivery of patient-facing programs by pharmacists and delivery of MTM?

No in-text citations–THIS IS A PUBLICATION.

References on final page.

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