Discussion A


In the attached article, the evolution of analytics is discussed. At the highest level (in this article) is the notion of Augmented Analytics. In these systems, the analytics are embedded into the solution and the data scientist is no longer needed to create, interpret, and implement the analytical models. Systems like this exist currently and are routinely used in sales, marketing, finance, and human resources functions of organizations. Thinking about the current COVID-19 pandemic, can you describe a scenario or an example where augmented analytics would be valuable from a detection, management, or treatment perspective?

Can use the online reference.


Discussion B

Traditionally the role of the individual in an analytics team has been determined by experience and knowledge in their respective area of expertise. Storytelling provides a way to embrace the problem that needs to be solved in an easy to understand manner. How would you go about leading the development and delivery of the story to include individual team members who only want to address technical matters and find it to be a waste of time to dwell on the business problem? What leadership skills would be necessary to focus the team on the business problem?

Can use the online reference.


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