The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate that victims of racism are at risk of experiencing higher levels of internalizing symptoms, (e.g., depression and anxiety; Donovan et al., 2012), as well as negative physical health outcomes (e.g., Lewis et al., 2017), amongst adult men and women between the ages of 19 to- 104 in various demographics. This paper will examine and systematically review research on racism, as well as highlight the important effects racism has on amongst men and women between the ages of 19 to- 104 on a variety of populations. More specifically, the purpose of this essay is to (a) explore the effects racism has on internalizing symptoms, (b) explore the effects racism has on physical health and (c) identify potential limitations and implication of research finds, and investigate future directions for research.

The Independent variable is racism
The Dependent variable is internalizing symptoms (i.e anxiety and depression) and physical health outcomes.

-This is a literature review, which means that it is a detailed review of research
Not a summary of individual studies.
– you must organize the literature review into sections that present themes within each paragraph
the entire body of your paper is providing research to support your thesis statement
-it Must be organized/conceptualized/planned BEFORE you start writing
-present the information in a way that is clear and logical so that the reader can easily follow along
-Identify the theme of paragraph at the beginning, but avoid providing the results at this point
-Provide a collective summary of methods used – provide context on population of interest, relevant methods, etc
-Provide collective summary of results
-EXPLAIN the meaning of the results for THAT SPECIFIC theme in that paragraph for that specific population of interest
-Each theme can be one to a few paragraphs
-Whenever you change your focus, it is time for a new paragraph
-The reader does not need to know every finding or theory concerning the general topics of the essay
Only ideas and findings that provide a solid theoretical or empirical foundation for the thesis statement should be presented
Must be relevant to thesis statement
-you need to be complete with the information you do include
Avoid simply saying that variables were ‘related’.
Be specific and say how
E.g., positive correlation must be specified
-explanation must stay true to the research and cannot include personal opinions
-It is important that the literature review is as concise as possible so that the reader can remain focused and interested in reading the paper.
-specific examples should be provided to clarify your statements
-provide more detailed information about the most important findings/studies that are highly related to your specific thesis statement, clearly specify key information for research methods if describing a study in more detail.
-Headings and sub headings may help the reader comprehend the organization of the literature review.
Must be in APA format
Need to be consistent with components of thesis statement
-The body should always have a connection to the thesis statement-The writing style should be formal and academic
No personal pronouns
No ‘emotional’ language
E.g., “These results were shocking”
E.g., “These amazing animals were so special to the young children”

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