Learning Outcomes
1. Identify and describe the various aspects of culture that affect a person’s worldview, values, and
communication behaviours.
2. Understand the diversity of worldviews, values, behaviours, traditions, and experiences of different cultures
within Canada and the interactions between these cultures.
3. Discuss how culture influences verbal and nonverbal communication and how verbal and nonverbal
communication influence intercultural communication.
4. Identify and discuss barriers to communication between cultures and appropriate strategies to overcome
these barriers.
Assignment Description
This is an individual academic paper. You will choose a specific cultural/ethnic group. Once
you have chosen the cultural/ethnic group, you will use the following outline to guide the writing
of your paper.
1. Introduction
a. Identify and introduce the cultural/ethnic group you have chosen to discuss
b. Provide a thesis statement
c. Provide a brief outline of the main points of your paper
2. Body Part A
a. Overview of how this particular culture views and practices communication
b. Provide examples from legitimate sources
c. Discuss assumptions and biases that this group may experience during communication with
another culture
3. Body Part B
a. Strategies for communication with this cultural group
b. Describe each strategy and its relevance to communication with this group
c. How might you as a nurse use these strategies when communicating with some from this
cultural/ethnic group?
4. Body Part C
a. Barriers to communication with this cultural group
b. Identify the barriers to communicating effectively with this cultural group
c. Identify the barriers you as a nurse from a different culture might encounter when communicating
with someone from your chosen cultural/ethnic group.
d. How will you as a nurse overcome these barriers? What strategies might you use?
5. Conclusion
a. Summarize your main points
b. Describe how culturally sensitive and competent communication will foster a stronger therapeutic
relationship to this particular cultural/ethnic group
This paper must be in APA format following the guidelines provided to you. Be sure to properly
cite and reference all your sources

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