Final Research Paper


You have now completed your critical response to Temporary Paradise.

As you noticed, this important historical report identified a series of particular problematics, and then proposed a set of strategies to tackle them, transforming the report into a vision plan.

Taking this report as an inspiration (meaning, keeping the spirit of its questions and propositions), we will now embark on developing a mini-research project, to explore a particular cross-border issue, from which to speculate new strategies for interdependence between Tijuana and San Diego.

Please choose one of the general topics below. Your paper should begin by framing and elaborating a problem, researching the appropriate evidence to support your views. Then imagine a speculative scenario to propose an alternative strategy(ies) to tackle the problem. You can research-reference other projects-initiatives across the world that might support your ideas.

Broad Topics:

The following are very general topics, so please give them specificity through your research, elaborating on a particular condition, a case study, etc.

-The conflict between natural systems and the border wall

-The politics of water across the border bio-region

-The Tijuana River Estuary as cross-border bio-regional asset

-Unaccounted shared environmental assets between San Diego and Tijuana

-Uneven urbanizations across the border region

-What can San Diego learn from Tijuana’s informal settlements

-What can Tijuana learn from San Diego

-The relationship between factories, informal settlements in Tijuana

-How to adapt San Diego’s sprawl for climate and social justice

-Engaging cross-border economic inequality

-Shared urban infrastructure between San Diego and Tijuana

-Rethinking the Border during the COVID crisis

-The bottom-up agency of border communities

-Cross-border urban and environmental policy

-Cross-border collaborative education

-Re-thinking public space at the border

-Re-thinking Citizenship at the border

-Rethinking human rights at the border

-A global conflict that is reproduced at the local scale, across the SD-TJ border

-What can we learn from immigrant communities to reimagine the city

-A comparative analysis about urban and social density across the SD-TJ border


-Please think of an innovative and critical title

-6-8 pages, 1.5 spaced, 12 pt. font.

-Any method of citation is welcomed

-A couple of relevant citations from class readings are required

-Use a few images for reference, diagrams are welcomed to explain an idea (these are in addition to the written pages)

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