According to David Seedhouse (1998) ethical actions stem from a person’s awareness that what she/he does is socially important; the task for anyone who wishes to be ethical in this sense is to first work out what ‘being ethical’ means. According to Seedhouse, since the founding question of ethics is how should I conduct my life in the presence of other lives? The ethical challenge – at any time and in any place – is to work out what commitment to living to make.

The purpose of this project is to engage in reflection on the question – What does ethical practice mean to me? Each response to this question will be unique. A range of possible mediums may be used to represent one’s ethical stance through artistic means. You may choose to develop a 3-D model, a piece of visual art such as a painting, sculpture, collage, pen and ink drawing; literary works of art such as a collection of poetry. Be creative! Have fun with this!**

This assignment is to be accompanied by:

A photo or PDF of the actual project (e.g. painting, sculpture, video, photo collage, etc.).
A 5 page paper
2-3 pages (double spaced) that makes explicit the intended meaning, significance and/or symbolism of the work, as well as insights garnered in the process of its construction. Include reference list.
1-2 page reflection on learning. What, if anything, did you learn through the process of completing this project? If you didn’t learn anything, why do you think that was case?

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