The top 4 modifiable risk factors that result in much of illness, suffering, and death are • Lack of physical activity • Poor nutrition • Tobacco Use • Excessive Alcohol Intake

Writing Prompts
For your assignment, you are to research one of these risk factors and write a letter to someone you
know who practices this behavior and explain why they should modify it.
You are required to:
1) Provide factual/statistical evidence to support why this behavior is hurting their health
2) Explain what the consequences of continuing this behavior might be and how it would benefit them if
they stopped.
3) Provide research-based advice on how to stop this behavior

Technical Requirements
• Your essay should be a minimum of 3 pages and not 1 sentence less. This does not include the
works cited page.
• 12-point font (Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial)
• Double spaced
• Written and saved in Word format (.doc, .docx)
• 1-inch margins
• Written in paragraph format and cited in APA format (with in-text citations!)
• 1 works cited page (APA format) with a minimum of 2 professional sources. If you do not include
a works cite page, you will receive a zero on grounds of plagiarism.

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