Exhibition Paper Instructions


Assignment Format Details
Students are required to visit a museum virtually (not in person due to COVID19) with a photography exhibition or photographs on display and write a thematic exhibition paper.  Website URL for virtual visit must be embedded at the end of the paper.

Before you scoff at the required paper length, look at the sample paper. It’s really not that bad. Paper length must be a minimum of 7 pages long (first three pages are the introduction of theme, subsequent pages are the discussion of 3 or 4 photographs).  Paper must be typed, double spaced, 12 point font, Times Roman preferred.  Margins should NOT be adjusted.  Student should begin typing at the top of page one.  Photos of artworks must be embedded on separate pages within the body of the text.  Simply follow the sample people to better understand the layout required. The size of each embedded work should be roughly three or four inches in length and width (estimated).  Cover page is not required or desired.

Paper must be submitted through Turnitin, a plagiarism detection software.  Please use your OWN words and do not copy or plagiarize from the Internet or your work will be flagged. Any acts of plagiarism will be reported to the dean and the student will receive a grade of zero.


Students must choose a theme from the following:

  • Birth
  • Work
  • Recovery
  • Joy
  • Play
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Social Issues
  • Death
  • War
  • Life

If you have another idea for a theme, email this instructor with your idea to seek approval.  Students must then find three or more photographs that fit with chosen theme and create an exhibition display.

Students should  use any of the following supplemental sources to find out information on professional photographic works and provide working URLs as a way to give credit to the original author:

  • Art History textbooks
  • Online museums (.edu)
  • Photographer/Artist Websites
  • Government sites (.gov)
  • Educational sites (.edu)

Paper Layout

Students must follow the following detailed instructions on this assignment. Paper length must be adhered too.  The first three pages should be a detailed discussion including the following:

  • a discussion or explanation of chosen theme
  • a discussion of how chosen theme is significant to photography and/or what photography does for chosen theme
  • a discussion of the overall goal of your exhibition

Subsequent pages must contain a formal analysis on at least 3 or 4 images as instructed here:

  • embed image with museum label description and URL link within the body of the paper similar to the sample paper style
  • provide a brief formal analysis (content, formal qualities, and context) of each image (see How to Read an Image essay if you need clarification)
  • provide a brief discussion of why the work was chosen and how it fits into the chosen theme

If the student chooses to perform significant research, a works cited section must be provided.  Students should demonstrate what was learned in this course using the information in the module assignments and YouTube lecture presentations or text and apply it to their chosen theme and works.  Course learned info used in paper does not need to footnoted or cited in a “works cited” section.

At the end of your paper, provide an informed conclusion:

  • Conclusion paragraph should tie all works to the chosen theme.

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