Each question has to be about 400 words
with the link to the educational source used.

1)Using your knowledge of DNA and genetics, explain how you think the DNA code is essential to the proper functioning of cells.

2)Do you think the process of crossing over during cell division is an advantage or a disadvantage for evolution? Justify your answer.

Glucose Regulation

1)In your own words, explain how glucose levels in the bloodstream are controlled hormonally.

2)What is your opinion of the current treatment for type 1 diabetes?


1)Describe and explain the effect of ADH on the rate of absorption of water in the distal convoluted tubule in the nephron?

Digestive System

1)Explain how the structure of the stomach relates to its function.

2)Explain how the structure of the villus is related to its function.

Nervous System

1)Describe the features of a reflex arc and explain why reflex arcs are important.

2)Describe the formation of an action potential and explain why you think these are important.

Cardiac System

1)Using your knowledge of the heart and the cardiac cycle, explain what would happen if the sinoatrial (SA) node failed in a human.

2)Using your knowledge of the heart and blood pressure regulation, explain what might happen if someone sufferes from high blood pressure (hypertension).


1)Using your knowledge of synaptic transmission, explain what you think would happen if the enzymes in the synapse were inhibited.

2)Using your knowledge of osmoregulation, explain how the water potential in the blood is kept within strict limits.

3)Using your knowledge of genetics and mutations, explain what you think the impacts mutations can have on the cell.

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