1. Identify the type of interventions-Human Resource Intervention and tie this to performance appraisals and current performance process in my organization (manufacturing possibly)
2. Research the interventions selected and discuss how the interventions are utilized in change; explain under what situations they would be selected and why. What presenting situation and underlying problems might indicate implementing the intervention you have selected? What is the issue with the status quo that necessitates the intervention? What is the best plan and strategy for using the intervention(s)?
3. Discuss how the process of organization development is applied in the intervention.
4. Relate the interventions to founding theories of organization development (e.g., Lewin’s Planned Change Model, Action Research, Positive Model/Appreciative Inquiry, etc.)
5. Describe how to apply the intervention to a real world issue. (compare performance appraisal to my organization performance appraisal process.

You must have 10 scholarly references.

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