Paper Assignment Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas.

In your paper, please discuss the following: Frederick Douglass defines freedom as more than escape from the slaveholders. What is freedom according to Douglass and how does he achieve it? Douglass maintains that slavery dehumanized both the slave and slaveholder. Quoting specific passages in the Narrative support this thesis with examples.How does Douglass evolve from a young slave boy into a fully-realized man and human being? William Lloyd Garrison, a famous abolitionist, said, “A black man can escape from the South, but he can never escape from slavery.” In your opinion, does Douglass’ Narrative corroborate (confirm) this sentiment or does it dispute it? Make sure to cite specific examples from the Narrative and address each question.

Your paper should be between 3-4 pages, typed and double-spaced with 1 inch margins. You are expected to have introductory and concluding paragraphs with supporting paragraphs in which you explain your points in greater detail. Your thesis statement should always be the last sentence of your first paragraph. Please use topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph to let your reader know the subject of that paragraph. When using quotations, please include a reference to the page number.


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