1. Think of an insightful question about the play you are critiquing (Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar) . Remember your essay question can deal with any aspect of the play—character, language, symbol, tension, gender, style, etc.
2. Focus on this question as you read and review the play. Mark the dialogue and scenes that make reference to your question. After doing so, write a short answer to your question. Allow this answer to become your thesis statement.
3. Prepare your evidence and thinking to support your thesis. Writing an outline can help you present your information in an interesting, persuasive, and clear format.
4. In your essay be wary of retelling the plot of the play. Assume your readers know the plot. Also, avoid the temptation to simply repeat class discussions. When you use a direct quote from the play, cite the reference by act, scene, and line number: (4.2.43-46). Your thoughts and ideas should be your own, yet if you do include an outside source or two, please give credit to the author and use an appropriate MLA citation. Please avoid plagiarism at all costs. If you wonder about how to cite something, feel free to ask.
5. Offer us an introduction that grabs our attention and reveals your thesis. Incorporate specific examples into the body of your paper that explicate, defend, and support your thesis. Use your conclusion as a climax for your ideas.
6. Please attach a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. All in-text documentation should follow MLA guidelines (8th edition).
Length: This paper should be three pages in length, typewritten, and double-spaced. You should have one-inch margins on each side of your paper. Use a 12-point font. Please do not inflate font size or margin size. Also, please do not put extra spaces between paragraphs. Make sure you give your essay a title.

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