After reading Ida Fink’s short story “The Key Game,” make an argument about childhood during the Holocaust. Focus on making a clear and specific argument and critically analyzing the short story.

The first sentence of your critical analysis should be your thesis, which should then be followed by structured analysis of the short story that proves your thesis.
Your response should be approximately 500 words.
Please note that there is no room for secondary research in such a short analysis, and I encourage your argument to be your own. Please refrain from researching what others have said about the story. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a grade of zero, as well as other possible repercussions.

You will need on content:
• strength of argument
• analysis of short story
• clarity
• originality
• fulfillment of assignment’s purpose
and form:
• structure and organization of ideas
• grammatical accuracy and spelling
• word count adherence

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