Word Length 3500 words

Assessment Title:

Corporate Reputation & Image Rebranding

 – A Case of ‘No More Chicken at KFC’

The Brief:

In February 2018, KFC had to close more than half of its 900 stores in the United Kingdom because of a shortage of…chicken.

The social and mainstream media enjoyed the irony of a chicken shop without any chicken and went to town on the story.

The cause was a delivery problem after the chain switched its contract to DHL which said that due to ‘administrative problems’ a number of deliveries were cancelled or delayed.

Loyal customers vented on Twitter and took their families to McDonalds. Some even complained to their local politicians.

Then KFC, even while struggling to get the restaurants re-opened, managed to switch the narrative entirely.

It ran an apology advertisement that was extremely funny (especially to the brand’s core younger consumers) while taking ownership of the problem.

The company was widely applauded by customers and the media for its deft handling of the situation and became the poster child for how well to handle a crisis.

What We Learnt

KFC’s clever, authentic and borderline obscene response showed it deeply understood both these factors.

It knew its audience (young, hip and irreverent) and it followed through in exactly the kind of tone and language that was consistent with how the brand was positioned in other, more positive marketing.

The result was a swift abatement of the criticism for the closed stores – and the sound of widespread applause for a model crisis response.

 (adapted from ‘In case of crisis’ by Rockdove Solutions)

With reference to academic theories and models, tap on relevant case examples to illustrate your answer in a report format.

The submission must address the following tasks:

  1. Identify all the key stakeholders and explain how they would have been impacted by the crisis when the restaurant was unable to deliver its brand promise
  2. Explain the importance of crisis management and how having a plan is integral for a brand to build its reputation
  3. Propose a detailed Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to support the reputation building for the company.
  4. You should also discuss how the returns of the new campaign may be measured


Include a list of References and Bibliography

You must include a range of research in all answers, this may include relevant concepts and theories from textbooks, journal articles, websites, market research databases such as Mintel, company or industry sources.  Reference research using CU Harvard style.

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

  1. Define the factors and linkages which impact corporate reputation and showcase the role of good campaigns in supporting brand building and image.
  2. Profile the role of Corporate Social Responsibility in standing out against competition
  3. Understand the importance of measuring market sentiments and assess a brand’s standing in the marketplace.


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