Data Reporting & Management
Working with multiple data sources creates challenges for many health care organizations. In this final component of your Data Management and Governance Plan, you will construct a data map to meet organizational needs for data use and integrity and to facilitate necessary reporting. In addition, you will compile a report to support the use of data mapping for effective retrieval and storage processes.

Use the information from the Data Discovery Report, Core Data Set, and Strategy Map to create a model data map for Independence Medical Center. Your data map will serve as a prototype for ongoing definition of organizational data needs and data integrity requirements. Your data map should meet the following criterion:

Create a data map to demonstrate enterprise architecture, data integration, and use of multiple data sets.

Compile a written report to accompany your data map. While supporting your data map, your report should also identify uncollected core data elements that Independence Medical Center should be capturing. You will explain the implications of these changes (meaningful-use requirements) and the potential impact on Vila Health. Your report will be graded on the following criteria:

Describe the concept of data warehousing and its importance in enterprise architecture.
Describe the benefits or advantages of implementing a data warehouse.
Describe the challenges or disadvantages of implementing a data warehouse.
Explain how data architecture influences internal and external data-sharing and reporting tasks.

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