Assess the role of the cult of personality in the creation and maintenance of a totalitarian
society in the USSR in the period 1928-1941.
A thesis statement
● At least 3 body paragraphs
● A conclusion
Each body paragraph must include historical evidence, including reference to at least one source.


In order to complete this assessment task, students must locate a number of sources to assist them in
answering the question.
Students must locate and include in their response, at minimum:
● 4 primary sources
● 2 secondary sources
Students may use their textbook in writing their essay, but their textbook will NOT be accepted as a
secondary source. Students may, however, use the primary sources found in their textbooks. Only
reputable sources will be accepted. Sources like wikipedia will not be accepted as either primary or
secondary sources.
At the end of your essay, students must include a bibliography of all sources that have been used in
completing their essay. The bibliography should be in the following format:
Surname, First initial. Name of text, Date of publication, Page number

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