a) What are the five most important strategic sources of Google? Are they sustainable?

Please use the resource-based view to analyze the sustainability of success. (60%)

b) What should Google do next? If you had to consult with them in 2020, what would your recommendations look like? Please focus on your two most convincing ideas, and make sure that you connect your recommendations to the existing resource base. (20%)

c) Why does Google develop so many innovative products in-house?). Given the dynamic and uncertain character of their industrie(s), would not it make more sense to rely on strategic alliances with others, or to let other firms innovate that could be acquired in the end if they proved to be successful? Please use one or more convincing scientific theories to explain the in-house development and early acquisition of many projects


Please note there is no need for an introduction or conclusion. Immediatly start with the analysis/answer to the first problem.

College level writing.

No outside sources.

Here is a good explanation of the “Resource based view” which you are supposed to use: https://strategicmanagementinsight.com/topics/resource-based-view.html

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