After watching a video of an elderly women who was taken by ambulance to a hospital due to stroke , she fell on a wet floor and broke a leg , then had surgery to the leg without proper pain control , patient died at the end of the video, due to multiple medical errors ( poor patient communication , lack of dignity , medication allergy was not taken into consideration , inappropriate pain control )

My part should ONLY cover lack of pain control, while medical staff were aware of her pain, the patient was told its normal to have pain after surgery.

What is needed is (concentrate about lack of pain management ):

1.Debate current evidence-based, best practices for leading and managing quality, risk and patient safety (QRPS) – including the importance of patient safety culture.

  1. Evaluate the use of healthcare and clinical governance frameworks to demonstrate the co-ordination of quality, safety and risk management initiatives in healthcare and foster a patient safety culture.
  2. Analyse a case study appropriate to healthcare quality and risk. (poor pain management)

1)Risk identification (inadequate pain management/ poor pain management)

  1. Define it in general at the end add two lines specify pain management in elderly)
  2. What is the importance of identifying this risk
  • Evidence of the method of identification (using metalanguage)
  • Analysis

i)Risk Matrix (1-5)

  1. ii) severity and likelihood

3)evaluation (RPN- Risk Profit Number Likelihood)

PRN= Severity and Likelihood

  • Treatment :

i)Accept , Reduce or Avoid ??

  1. ii) Risk control and risk acceptance (including residual risk).
  • Conclusion

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