View “Is Servant Leadership a Sustainable Business Model?” at (Links to an external site.)

and “The Future of Your Future is Servant-Leadership” at (Links to an external site.)

Write an essay of 3 pages in length.

First, view the “Servant-Leadership as a Sustainable Business Model” video. Summarize the evidence about the “bottom line” effect of using the servant-leadership model. What is your opinion – do you think that it will have a positive effect if practiced in any organization? Or are there limits to the application and effectiveness of servant-leadership? [1 page]

Then view the “The Future of Your Future is Servant-Leadership” video. Write a reflection on servant-leadership in a global context. Based on what you have learned or experienced previously, is servant-leadership applicable in global organizations? Can this theory work if implemented in other countries? Why or why not? Give concrete examples from the video, your own research, or your personal experience. Is servant-leadership something you (personally) might apply when working in an international business or not-for-profit? [1 page]

Finally, review “The World’s 10 Top CEOs — They Lead in a Totally Unique Way” at (Links to an external site.).

Pick one of these CEOs and reflect on their servant-leader style. What did you find most interesting about this person? Did their servant-leadership approach seem to work for them? Do you think it might work for you? Why or why not? [1 page]

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