What we know is that COVID-19 has dramatically affected tourism in cities like Honolulu
and Las Vegas. Consider the following:
You are the general manager of a hotel in either Honolulu or Las Vegas. This hotel is
a franchise of a national chain and owned by local investors.
After explaining/discussing/informing the reader about what the hotel industry looks
like today (in terms of operation, financing, franchising), answer the following three
Research what the specific procedures would be used for re-opening the
What strategies/promotions, if any, would you implement to increase
How specifically would you adjust your compensation models for your
employees after this health crisis?
How would your competitive strategy change with respect to AIRBNB and
VRBO properties?
This topic was inspired by me reading this:
Your draft should be 2-page space and a half narrative that includes the following:
Overview and Central Issue – This subsection provides a brief overview that tells a fairly well
informed (but perhaps non-specialist) reader what your thesis is on the research topic.
Perspective: With your assigned research topic, you will demonstrate that you have read a few
articles on the topic and have a perspective (view).
Outline: Outline your research paper
Outline the paper
With a 100-200 word general introduction to the paper. This can be vague because
presumably you haven’t done any of the research yet.
Walk me through your research strategy for the paper and outline what your general
thoughts are so far on the topic — any strong opinions?

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